Cooking a new project

I’m beginning with a new project: a cheap and easy hypsometer.

As I’m studying Forestry Engineering, I realised how important is the measurement of trees (and other elements) for a correct study of the environment. The problem is… Well… The object we want to measure can be not easy to reach or is too tall. With the hypsometers we solve that problem, as we use optical tools and geometric calculations to perform the measures. However, the hypsometers are very expesive tools, and that is a problem, especially for development countries.

My intention is to build an advanced digital hypsometer, but using the cheapest components. That means that I will develop both Arduino and Android versions, and I will compare time and resources used (time is gold).

If everything goes right, I will also add some functions to the Arduino version (for example, Bluetooth connection for using a smartphone/tablet to analyse or store the data).

Great to-do ideas after installing Linux Mint 16

About the old posts…

Thinking and thinking… I really believe that my old posts are too outdated right now. Instead of reposting old material, I will write new things. If you need something that I wrote then, you can try searching at

I’m back

I’m back, and I will upload the content really soon. But in the meantime, take a look to mi new (old) project.

Arduino Chicken Coop // Gallinero con Arduino from Jumy Elerossë on Vimeo.

Sharing files using Bluetooth in Linux Mint 15

logo bluetoothIf you try to share files using the Bluetooth of your device, and you are using Linux Mint 15, you will realize that something is not working… The reason is that one component is missing. To solve it:

If you are using Linux Mint Mate:

sudo apt-get install mate-user-share

If you are using Linux Mint Cinnamon (I’m not pretty sure about this as I have not a Cinnamon desktop, but if it don’t work, you can try with the Gnome version):

sudo apt-get install cinnamon-user-share

If you are using Linux with Gnome:

sudo apt-get install gnome-user-share

Now you can do right click on the Bluetooth icon in your launcher panel (it is by the time and date), press on Receive files, and mark:

  • Share public files over Bluetooth
  • Require remote devices to bond with this computer
  • Receive files in Downloads folder over Bluetooth
  • Notify about received files

I don’t know why that package is not included by default in the installation but, well, it is easy to solve…

Shortcut for change keyboard layout

Do you use different layouts in your keyboard? Here is how to change the layout of the keyboard with a simply combination of keys, instead of clicking in the icon:

  1. Go to Keyboard preferences.
    Screenshot-Control Centre
  2. Add a new layout.
    Screenshot-Keyboard Preferences-1
  3. Press Options…
  4. Search Keys to change layout and mark your preferred combination (or combinations).
    Screenshot-Keyboard Layout Options
  5. Press Close.

That’s all.

Open with… Adobe Acrobat

Let’s face it. Linux is (almost) free. Linux is Open Source. But if a company have a product and don’t want to share their technology, we can:

a) Wait until somebody figures up how to replicate their technology or…

b) Install closed and proprietary software.

Sometimes we have no alternative and we must choose the b) option. This happens sometimes with the PDFs. The built-in PDF reader in almost all distros come with a more-than-decent compatibility and is really complete. However, some things like formulas are not going to be shown properly. The solution is as easy as installing the official Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Nevertheless, due to a little bug, under some distros like Linux Mint, if you try to open a file with Acrobat Reader using the [Right Click] > Open With you will discover that… Open with Acrobat Reader is missing!!!

To solve it we need to edit the desktop file using the terminal:

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/AdobeReader.desktop

Then, we find the line beginning with Exec= and we edit it to be like this:

Exec=acroread %f

We save the file and… Tada! Now we can find Adobe Acrobat under the [Right Click] > Open With menu. You can even set Adobe Acrobat as the default program for the PDFs.


Adobe PDF icon


MTP support in Linux Mint / Ubuntu / Debian

If you have a new Android device with internal storage (like Nexus 4) and you try to copy data from/to your computer, you probably will realize that you are not able to access. This is because you have not a proper MTP support in your Linux machine.

Solving it is as easy as run this from terminal:

[codebox 1]

If you want to revert the changes:

[codebox 2]

Source: Webupd8

Basic addons for a Linux clean install

Install basic apps for a clean installation of Linux with a simple terminal command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ubuntu-restricted-addons build-essential skype chromium-browser linux-firmware-nonfree chromium-browser-l10n aptitude mediainfo openjdk-7-jre

(For Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint and derivatives)

This is what you will install:

  • Ubuntu restricted extras
  • Ubuntu restricted addons
  • Essential tools for compiling (needed for installing some apps)
  • Skype
  • Chromium + language pack
  • Aptitude
  • Mediainfo (useful to query info from multimedia files)
  • Opensource JDK 7 (Java)